RTLS/GPS Advantage for Hotels and Casinos

Safety and satisfaction of customers. This is the primary objective of most industries, regardless of type or size. Perhaps there is no industry more dependent on customer safety and satisfaction than the hotels and casinos.

As much as price and amenities are often top-of-mind factors when customers choose a hotel, safety is ultimately still the prevailing consideration.

In a setting where hundreds – often thousands – of people are gathered in one place, word travels quickly if a situation has escalated to the point of danger or the environment is not conducive to feeling safe. At the heart of keeping customers comfortable is ensuring staff members are in an atmosphere where creating a call for help can occur quietly.

“Hospitality workers frequently find themselves working alone in places where yelling for help is not an option,” says Lori Watson, managing partner at ZulaFly. “With Fuzion’s staff safety solution, help is just a button press away, quickly notifying security who is in need of help and where they are located.”

The same rule is amplified for casino floors, where an emerging situation can’t necessarily be contained to one room. If anything is going wrong, there are literally hundreds of individuals within earshot.

“On a busy casino floor calling attention to a potential issue is the last thing you want to do.  Staff can very discreetly request assistance notifying the appropriate personnel of the location where more assistance is needed,” says Watson.

Fuzion’s strength is an in-facility tagging, locating, and alerting system that is only half the advantage. With ZulaFly’s software, RTLS/RFID and GPS work together to make Fuzion a must-have option for keeping tabs on what’s happening inside and outside the facility. In the hotel and casino industry, this gives team members an extra informational edge.

“Being able to locate items within your facility is extremely important, but imagine the power of being able to also locate fleet  outside of your facility,” says Watson. “No longer do you need to wonder when the shuttle bus will return, or which shuttle is closest,; you can simply look at your dashboard to see where all your transportation vehicles are. This really gives you a view of all your assets both indoor and outdoor in one solution.”

The convenience of silent alerts combined with the impact of an RTLS/RFID/GPS combination makes Fuzion a unique software option for hotels and casinos. Real-time and historical reporting delivered through customized dashboards establishes Fuzion and Fuzion mobile as a personalized solution that eliminates the frustrations that one-size-fits-all offerings often create.

ZulaFly understands how safety and security for your employees enhances the customer experience. With a software system built by seasoned industry experts, ZulaFly has engineered Fuzion to take control of hotel and casino workflow in a revolutionized way.

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