Comfort in the Cloud for GPS and RTLS Data

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What’s the one thing ZulaFly believes new software implementation should NOT have to be? If you took a poll of the company’s team members, you’re likely to get the same answer: A time-consuming hassle.

When it comes to getting up and running on the latest and greatest technology, ZulaFly believes less is more. This is why the company built its Fuzion software as a cloud-based platform.

The goal is to eliminate tedious implementation processes, relieve your IT team from maintaining additional hardware, ensure you’re always operating with the latest version of software, and make data easily accessible from any device.

Save time. Save money.

The time-saving benefits of ZulaFly’s cloud-based software can be experienced right out of the gate. ZulaFly understands that, more often than not, your IT team is working through a deep list of implementation and maintenance projects. By being cloud-based, the Fuzion solution gives you a fleet-footed implementation process that creates minimal distraction for your IT team, while providing a system that is safe and secure.

ZulaFly’s ability to offer expedient support is also amplified thanks to cloud hosting. Need an issue resolved? A simple login from ZulaFly’s customer service team does the trick… No access to an on-site server is needed.

Additionally, the hosted solution allows software updates to be efficiently rolled out, which ultimately saves time and money for the customer.

Data integration made easy.

Because Fuzion is not an industry-specific platform, there is plenty of room for customization. ZulaFly walks with you each step of the way to ensure the system provides the information and data you need to make it work best for you.

“ZulaFly has taken the definition of ease of implementation to heart. We do not believe someone should spend weeks getting a new system up and running. ZulaFly provides a spreadsheet to customers with the fields they have predefined. Once that spreadsheet is completed, the data imports in seconds,” says Lori Watson, managing partner at ZulaFly.

Additionally, ZulaFly provides added strength in allowing all your data, no matter where it’s coming from, to be streamlined into one platform… all while experiencing the freedom of a cloud-based system.

“Utilizing the power of Fuzion’s APIs enable easy access to pull data from disparate systems into a single platform, avoiding duplicate data entry and making all data accessible in one product,” Watson adds.

Customization is important, but ZulaFly has also found the friendly balance between flexibility and consistency.

“Although the asset data collected by each customer may be different, the overall look, feel, and usability of the UI remains constant. This allows partners and distributors to learn one system and be able to use that same system across the different industries that they serve,” says Watson.

With ZulaFly, the traditionally tedious nature of software implementation takes a 180-degree turn with its cloud based platform. Experience the benefits of minimal added cost, an efficient implementation timeline, and a partner committed to taking the journey with you from implementation, to execution, and beyond.

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