What Stories are Your GPS, RTLS, and RFID Tagged Assets Telling?

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When it comes to tagging and locating assets, is your platform telling you the WHOLE story?

At the heart of ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform is a system capable of helping you know where tagged assets are located. On the surface, tagging assets helps you understand basic information such as where to find an asset, where the closest one is, or if any are lost.

While knowing this location-based data is valuable, ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile platform is built to help you get a complete view of what’s really happening, ensuring your next move is a fully-informed one.

Is the asset currently being used? What is its availability? How long has it been in its current location? Is the asset in a restricted area? Does it need to be cleaned?

The Fuzion mobile solution allows you to gather additional contextual information about your assets, helping you answer these questions quickly, adding efficiency to your organization’s workflow. Because the system is mobile friendly, this data can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Get Your Information Quickly

With filter, search, and floor-specific features, a significant boost is added to workflow in the way information can be accessed through Fuzion mobile.

“The mobile app allows for quick searching of items based on name, category, or group. The results are divided out based on floor location, which allows you to quickly find items nearest to you,” says Lori Watson, managing partner at ZulaFly.

The ‘New Staff’ Factor

The mobile app offers added value to new staff members who are taking on the daunting task of becoming acquainted with a vast work environment.

“The extra piece that the mobile app offers, besides giving you the location name, is showing you on the map where that asset is located. This is very useful for new employees that are becoming familiar with the facility,” says Stephanie Andersen, managing partner at ZulaFly. “The app can also receive notifications of assets that are leaving exits that should not be, or are entering a restricted area.”

Contextual Data Helps You Take Control

In any industry, contextual information can make a significant difference. According to Andersen, by knowing exactly where an asset was, and who or what it came in contact with, you may be able to contain or remedy an infection-control situation much more quickly than before.

Additionally, contextual data goes a long way in helping you with important purchasing considerations.

“By knowing where an asset was and how long it was in use, you gain a better understanding of the utilization rate of your assets and this will help make decisions, for example, when purchasing or renting equipment,” says Andersen.

The app also has a far-reaching effect in that it handles GPS. With this feature, you can use Google maps to show location of assets and equipment and how long they have been there.

Unsure of the name of a location where an asset currently is? Once again, Fuzion has been designed to quickly give you information that would normally take minutes, sometimes hours, to realize.

“Just quickly mark the item and click to display on map. A full map is displayed where you can highlight the item or items you are looking for,” adds Watson.

Overall, as businesses and organizations seek technologies to improve productivity and add bottom-line strength, contextual information contained within ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile platform arms you with easily-accessible data for your next short-term or long-term strategic move.

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