Using GPS to Protect Heavy Machinery: Tag and Locate Saves Time, Money, and Hassle



When you think of the term ‘large business expense’, what comes to mind?

Perhaps it’s the astronomical cost of goods or services needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Maybe you think of ‘large’ expenses in terms of stature… Like a massive vehicle.

For those who in work in fields such as construction, trucking, or manufacturing, it’s likely that both come to mind.

In professions where large vehicles create a substantial amount of expense, it’s important to ensure these investments are being properly tracked and cared for. While vehicles from pickup and semi-trucks to pay loaders and excavators come with a hefty price tag, they also create invaluable return on investment as they are used to tackle the big tasks on a daily basis.

The last thing a company wants to deal with is theft or damage of this equipment. The repair/replacement cost causes precious dollars – that could have been used to keep growing the business – to march out your door, never to return.

One of the next-to-last issues a company wants to come up against is missing, misplaced, or poorly tracked equipment. Like cash, the time lost searching for equipment that is critical to day-to-day operations can never be recovered. When team members spend more hours searching and less time executing the work they do best, precious resources are squandered.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion software was designed with these bottom-line killers in mind. With its Fleet and Capital management solution, large assets can be tracked and located anytime and anywhere. Here are a few common large-equipment problems we see in the workplace, and answers as to how ZulaFly empowers businesses with critical location-based data.

When the workday is finished and vehicles are parked for the night, what are some ways to safeguard against theft? Fuzion’s mobile alerts allow selected individuals to receive an alert anytime a vehicle or an asset moves during specified ‘off’ hours. Additionally, if items are being borrowed without permission, map replay can help tell the complete story.

When staff members are coming back from time off and need to know where to find a specific truck or forklift, how can they quickly locate the one they need? With tag and locate, GPS technology can help you know exactly where an item is. If unavailable for use, you can quickly locate another truck or forklift nearby.

The truck odometer seems a little high, how can we account for the inflated number? With historical reporting and map replay, management can know exactly where a vehicle has been and for how long. This helps piece together the puzzle in ways that would otherwise be impossible unless a manual log was perfectly kept.

Some of our large equipment is on a rental arrangement. When does it need to be back? Is anything overdue? Not only does ZulaFly provide location data, but specific notes can be kept regarding purchase dates, rental dates, and other critical considerations that may affect the flow of business. ZulaFly’s Fuzion software allows you to know important behind-the-scenes information and alerts can be created when you need reminders pertaining to specific pieces of equipment.
How can ZulaFly’s Fleet and Capital solution provide a return on investment that is specific to your business? The flexibility and non-industry specific nature of this software provides a tool that is tailor-made to what matters most in your business, creating efficiency, effectiveness, and an economical impact that takes your organization to new heights.

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