Top Five Ways Fuzion Uses GPS to Keep Job Sites Secure

The operator of a excavator(dredge) on a working site.

Summer weather is in full swing and for businesses that depend on warm outdoor conditions to get work done, the clock is ticking and the scramble is on.

The last thing any business involved in commercial or residential construction, roofing, landscaping, or painting (just to name a few) wants to contend with this time of year is loss of time.

While there are many ways in which time can be squandered, one thing ZulaFly has the capability to do is tag and locate items and equipment that are easy to lose, misplace, or are targets for thieves.

How does ZulaFly fill your needs? How does Fuzion and Fuzion mobile help you keep track and stay focused? Here are the top five reasons why ZulaFly is a solution that contributes to more production:

Quickly know where anything is, from almost any device.

Knowledge is power, and that rule certainly stands true on the jobsite. Whatever asset you may be searching for, as long as it’s tagged, ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile system can help you locate it so you can get on with serving your customer.

Be notified when something is moving and it shouldn’t be.

One of the most primary concerns for construction business owners is theft of large equipment that sits overnight on the job site. Fuzion allows you to be alerted when something is moving at a time when it’s supposed be cooling off for the next day of work ahead.

Understand how much equipment is being used.

Was that big purchase worth it? Is it being utilized by workers? Fuzion allows you to view the type of usage reports and statistics that ensure each piece of expensive equipment is giving you a positive return on investment.

Map replay gives you valuable flashbacks.

Where has an asset been and where is it currently? Is the asset being used according to plan? Are workers utilizing this equipment the way it was meant to be utilized? These are all questions that can be answered with Fuzion’s map replay feature. Get a glimpse of where equipment, and their operators, have been over a chosen period of time.

Understand what assets are closest to a particular site or location.

These may be questions you find yourself asking as you plan for work at the next location… What equipment is closest to particular sites? Is all the necessary equipment already set up at the next location? Does the current location still have the gear and equipment it needs? Has anything been left behind? Whether you’re gearing up for the next site, or ensuring each site has exactly the equipment it needs, Fuzion keeps you informed.

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