With Help of RTLS, Senior Living Facilities Exceed Expectations

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If you were to do some brief online research of mission statements for senior living and care centers, you’ll find many revolve around the idea of giving a warm and personal experience to each resident. Common phrases include, “provide a fulfilling lifestyle,” or “promote independence,” and “provide personal care and exceptional service.”

ZulaFly’s development of Fuzion was built on the understanding that senior living facilities hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to the experience created for residents. Overall, ZulaFly’s goal is to offer technology that allows senior living facilities to provide an efficient, all-encompassing, and technologically advanced level of service that meets or exceeds the expectation of residents.

The utilization of Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) in senior living facilities opens up a new world of possibilities in the manner residents and staff communicate.

Independence at the Push of a Button

The push-button pendant provides an advanced level of freedom to senior care residents. Mechanisms such as pull cords or static bed buttons limit the manner in which residents access help.

With a wearable push-button pendant, residents can call for help from anywhere, not only from the vicinity of their bed or bathroom, allowing residents to move about the facility knowing help is a button press away. This keeps a facility’s senior living experience more natural, home-like, and less ‘institutionalized.’

Peace-of-Mind for Families

Any time family members make a commitment to place a loved one into a retirement center or senior living facility, they place complete trust in the people and systems that a senior care facility provides. Fuzion allows facilities to provide information to families that keeps them confident in the level of care their loved one receives.

For example, RTLS helps facilities track information such as response times, activity level of residents, and time with caregivers. This information can be relayed to family members, ensuring they remain comfortable and involved with the level of care being provided.

In senior living centers, staff simply cannot be everywhere at once. Having the ability to know exactly where each resident is at all times is essential. What if someone enters the wrong room, mistakenly thinking it’s theirs? Fuzion immediately creates a location-based alert for selected staff members when this occurs, allowing the appropriate care professional to direct the resident to the proper room.

What if a resident is near an exit? The potential for danger in a situation like this is a critical issue for those facilities providing care. Fuzion notifies staff in near real-time in these cases, allowing them time to safely redirect the resident to where they’re supposed to go. Fuzion’s robust rules engine allows staff members to know exactly when someone is in a restricted area (elevators and stairwells, for example). Additionally, Fuzion can notify the staff if two residents are in proximity to one another that should not be.

Senior Living Staff Safety

Providing an updated level of safety and efficiency directly to staff members allows them to focus on their job, thus enhancing the resident experience. For instance, members of the care team have the same type of push-button technology the residents enjoy. With a versatile alert system, staff members can call for assistance wherever they are.

There are many distractions that leach valuable time from senior living staff members. Of all these, perhaps none is more frustrating – and avoidable – than looking for lost equipment or assets. When important items can be tagged and located in a moment’s notice, staff members literally save hours each month not looking for things and, in turn, focusing more energy on caring for residents.

Temperature Monitoring Keeps Fridges in Safe Range

As senior living residents often have a medication regimen, properly-working fridges are a critical component to smooth operations of senior care facilities. Ensuring these medications are being kept at the proper temperature is a must.

Staff members at senior living facilities can safely and efficiently track these levels through ZulaFly’s temperature monitoring solution. The instant a reading is out of range, Fuzion sends a mobile alert to all important people involved, no matter where they are.

Ultimately, ZulaFly’s Fuzion software provides a customizable, mobile-friendly, RTLS technology-based system that empowers senior living staff members to do their best work. Meanwhile, residents experience the type of comfort, safety, and independence that lives up to the goals and standards of the facility.

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