Staff Safety Solution Provides Subtle RTLS-Based Emergency Alerts



No matter where you are, this phrase never comes with a positive connotation.

However, in some settings, the implications of an emergency situation can be more extreme than others.

Moments of staff safety in the workplace is one scenario where having the proper alert system is critical both to the safety of the employee and the vitality of the organization. There are certainly many types of workplace emergencies that occur, as different industries have different types of risk. ZulaFly’s Fuzion software is built to help staff members immediately alert the proper people who can respond quickly, no matter what the setting is. Additionally, with a push-button solution, these alerts don’t have to draw attention to the situation and distract those who are within the area.

What if you’re by yourself and there’s nobody within earshot to help? Pleading for assistance can be a virtually futile exercise in your most desperate time of need.

On the flip side, what if you’re in a room full of people, such as a casino or perhaps a hotel lobby? How does yelling for assistance affect those around you? In many cases, it may simply make them scatter and take their business elsewhere.

Whatever end of the spectrum the emergency may be on, Fuzion is a customizable, non-industry specific solution. Whether the field is hospitality, education, senior living, acute care, manufacturing, or beyond, ZulaFly has engineered Fuzion to be a solution that creates data, reports, and results to keep operations running smoothly in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Call for help, without calling attention to the problem.

In a hostile situation, calling attention to the emergency is simply something you do NOT want to  do. Using a badge button press with a silent alert is a less distracting alternative to phones, walkie talkies, or boisterously raising your voice across the room. A badge button press also creates an ease-of-use mechanism that eliminates the burdens that accompany systems such as pull cords and intercoms. Quietly calling for help through ZulaFly’s push-button badge system allows others in the vicinity to carry on without distraction.

The power of Fuzion extends to the reaches of anyone that can receive the notification via text, email, mobile app or many other types of communication devices. Fuzion also has unlimited escalations to ensure calls for help continue to be sent out until assistance is received.

Ensure your staff members know safety is important

Employees want to know their well-being is a top concern. Conversely, employers know a safe workplace is a productive workplace. Fuzion provides the security within and beyond the walls of a facility to keep each worker moving without distraction. Meanwhile, management is equipped to ensure staff safety isn’t something that provides a negative reaction for clients, customers, and visitors.

Beyond the immediate benefits of Fuzion lies the type of reporting and analytics that create more sophisticated strategy that improves the flow of business. By knowing who responded to a staff safety situation and how long it took, measures can be put in place that improve response times and further your commitment to safety first. The resulting effect this has on any organization is positive and powerful.

Fuzion also creates benefits to residents and patients in healthcare setting such as hospitals, senior living centers, and retirement facilities. Fuzion can protect staff members in ‘he said, she said’ occurrences. For instance, data can indicate whether a patient actually called for help and whether a tag-wearing staff member provided attentive help. How fast was the patient responded to in an emergency? Fuzion gives you this information.

Managing emergencies creates a wide range of challenges in any organization. Silent, location-based alerts that are dispatched to the right people and the right time make ZulaFly’s Fuzion a tool that takes reaction to staff safety to effective new heights.

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