When Theft Happens, Get Notified Before it’s too Late


A recent theft at a school in Oklahoma City resulted in approximately $25,000 worth of loss and damage to iPads that had been recently gifted to Arthur Elementary.

According to an article in Campus Safety magazine, students were believed to have crawled through a space that led to a boiler room to break into the school. Allegedly, they stole or destroyed at least 23 iPads. School security officers noticed the damage the night it occurred, but by the time the situation was realized, it was too late to catch anyone involved or salvage any equipment.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform was created to provide incredible return-on-investment in situations exactly like this.

What if staff members and/security staff knew these iPads were leaving the building AS it was happening? What if movement of valuable items could be linked to real-time alerts, instead of realizing valuables are missing when it’s already too late?

Video surveillance certainly plays an important role when it comes to security of valuables. At the same, video does have limitations that can be remedied by tagging assets.

ZulaFly’s mobile alerts and streamlined dashboards can alert you whenever something is moving and it shouldn’t be. Had these assets (or other valuables) been tagged in this case, it would have made a dramatic difference in response time. School security officials could have responded to a mobile alert while these students were in the act, allowing them potentially locate and catch the perpetrators on the spot.

Would you like the ability to set up times of day assets should not be moving? Perhaps it’s important for you establish restricted areas within the building that assets or equipment should not be. ZulaFly can make this happen.

Fuzion proactively notifies you within a matter of second that assets are moving or in an area they should not be, allowing the situation to be taken care of as soon as possible. Notifications can be received by anyone inside or outside the building with an unlimited number of escalations, ensuring the situation is taken care of.

The advantages of Fuzion in educational settings can be realized in other areas as well. For example, items that are tagged can be tracked for usage, helping those involved understand the ROI of the investment. Additionally, decisions as to whether or not new equipment should be ordered can be made based on usage reports.

In educational settings, the merit of ZulaFly’s Fuzion creates a distinct edge in the way equipment is managed, purchased, and replaced. When factoring in the freedom Fuzion provides to alert the proper individuals when assets are moving and shouldn’t be, the attributes of Fuzion create a significant on-campus advantage.

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