The Perfect Partner for Your Time and Motion Study

Doctors and nurses pulling hospital trolley,

Successful employees.

In any good business, this is what employers want to create within their workplace. There are many aspects in which employers or business owners can create success within their teams. One common way is to do a time and motion study.

First introduced in the late 1800s by US industrial engineer Frederick Winslow Taylor, a time and motion study takes a complex task and breaks it down into smaller steps. The motions used to perform the task are carefully tracked, with the goal being to detect wasteful motion or redundant movements. By tracking and analyzing this information, measurements can be taken that help determine whether more efficient strategies or training can be used to ultimately save time and money.

How long are people spending in certain areas of your work facility? Are conferences being utilized to their full potential? Is equipment that is needed by employees located in the wrong area of the building making staff walk further and longer than they should to get something? Are there spaces that are poorly laid out, making work inefficient? In what areas of your organization is time simply being wasted? These are some of the questions a time and motion study can answer.

How does ZulaFly help make time and motion studies more effective? Fuzion software, developed by ZulaFly, uses RTLS data to tell you where equipment has been and for how long. Additionally, Fuzion can track how long employees have been in a certain area of a building and their path throughout their shift. When time and motion studies are conducted, this is the type of data that can be used to identify areas of inefficiency. Once corrections have been made, selected reports can be compared to see if the new course of action is effective.

“Some facilities are now being architected based on time and motion studies, especially since they now understand what space is getting optimized and how to efficiently design a facility,” says Stephanie Andersen of ZulaFly.

Additionally, being cloud hosted makes a significant difference in the way implementation is done. No matter the duration of the study, ZulaFly provides the customization and flexibility to meet your goals.

“Because we are hosted, implementing a time and motion study can be done very quickly and used by the facility for a short amount of time if need be,” adds Andersen.

In many industries, time and motion studies are changing the way business is done. As a non-industry specific solution, ZulaFly is a flexible, customizable platform that can measure, package, and deliver data the way you need it. Businesses across the spectrum from manufacturing to healthcare are realizing the benefits of using RTLS to aide in time and motion studies.

The end result is a full-service bank of data that tells you exactly what you need to measure the effectiveness of your staff, the efficiency of your procedures, and whether or not your facility layout is conducive to maximizing results.

For these reasons, ZulaFly is an essential partner in maximizing the results and success of your next time and motion study. Time is preserved, money is saved, and employees work with less wasted motion and fewer obstacles than ever before.

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