Fuzion Top Five: How Does RTLS Create Freedom in the Workplace?



According to Gensler’s most recent workplace survey, U.S. workers are finding it increasingly difficult to focus and work effectively. When workers are able to be more focused, collaboration, teamwork, efficiency, and overall job satisfaction are factors that can improve as a result.

Our experienced team of experts at ZulaFly has observed there’s a feeling of freedom that pervades the workplace when an RTLS-based system like Fuzion software is put into action. But how exactly does RTLS create freedom in the workplace? Check out our latest top five list below.

  1. Freedom is created when notifications are sent proactively instead of reactively.

The ‘RT’ in RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) is a significant factor in making ZulaFly’s Fuzion software a dependable, money-saving and time-preserving tool for any organization.

When a hazardous or harmful situation emerges in your workplace, are you finding out as it’s happening, or once it’s too late?

If a situation such as theft occurs at your facility, Fuzion is there to tell you when important equipment is moving when it shouldn’t be.

How about temperature-related situations? Thousands upon thousands of dollars can be wasted in replacing medication, food, or other goods that have become damaged in an out-of-range fridge or freezer. Food in a broken refrigerator spoils after only four hours. Knowing when the Mercury level is off in a designated area, in real-time, creates the kind of proactive scenario that lessens the risk of costly spoilage and wasted time throwing out old product and replacing it with the new.

  1. Freedom is created when staff can call for help from anywhere discreetly.

Hospitality is one example where RTLS allows workers to do their job with a heightened sense of security, keeping them focused on the tasks at hand. Thanks to Fuzion’s wearable push-button badge, workers in a hotel or casino can create a silent, location-based alert in the event of an urgent distraction. When staff members call for help without calling attention to the situation, guests are allowed to carry on comfortably with their stay. In the meantime, employees know help is a simple button-press away.

  1. Freedom is created when you can receive alerts on the fly, no matter where you are.

Thanks to Fuzion mobile, workplace-related alerts can be received anytime, from anywhere. What happens when an emergency occurs at the facility and you’re not present? If you need to maintain awareness of critical moments related to team members and equipment, Fuzion keeps you connected at times when it may otherwise be impossible. Fuzion mobile alerts allow you to go along with your evening or weekend with the comfort of knowing you’re not completely detached in the event of a situation that may cost your business valuable time, money, or resources if not immediately responded to.  

  1. Freedom is created when real data drives strategic decision.

Wearable badges are part of the hardware that comes with ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform. Whether it’s a staff member in an educational, hospitality, or manufacturing setting, or a patient or resident in a healthcare setting, each badge opens the door for important data to be collected.

Badges create the ability for management to not have to constantly be watching and observing the movements of those that may need special monitoring. Additionally, reports are available that provide a multitude of location-based data, providing a retrospective look at where inefficiencies may lie, allowing for sophisticated, bottom-line-boosting corrections to be made.

  1. Freedom is created when RTLS software and hardware is dependable, IT-friendly, and backed with unparalleled customer support.

The direct workplace benefits of systems such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion software are plentiful. However, it’s important to also keep in mind that any software and hardware is only as good as the people behind it.

Fuzion is a system created to boost the bottom line of your organization. Our commitment is to provide a Cloud-based system that is efficient to implement and is customized to your business. The frustration of dealing with clunky, complicated software is a burden on an entire organization, from management to the IT team and everyone in between. Fuzion is backed by a friendly, expert-level support team that is available to assist whenever questions may arise.

Simply put, ZulaFly is here to ensure your business works with a sense of freedom it’s never experienced before. It’s time to empower your team, embolden your strategy, and impress your patients, residents, guests, and/or clients in a way that vaults you to new heights of excellence.

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