Where does RTLS fit in protecting college campuses?

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A recent article in Campus Safety Magazine shares some head-turning data related to violence on college campuses.

Figures from a recent study show the number of shootings on or near college campuses has increased over the course of the past 15 years. This study, conducted by the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, reveals that current trends indicate the problem is likely to increase in years to come.

Colleges and universities are teaming with lawmakers and policymakers at a feverish pace to reverse trends such as these. One strategy is to develop more tools that proactively, instead of reactively, promote action to deter dangerous scenarios of campus violence.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion software was created to empower staff members in educational settings to take quick, silent action in moments where loud, alarming reactions may only promote further violent action in a dangerous on-campus situation.   

While surveillance systems and other security measures are also an important part of the equation, Fuzion provides an adequate, location-based, real-time alert mechanism that can be activated from anywhere by anyone wearing a badge. Additionally, all appropriate parties involved can instantly receive these alerts through their mobile device from anywhere.

Serious violence, such as those executed with high-power firearms, on college and university campuses poses a devastating threat. However, more commonly, theft and vandalism disrupts the normal flow of the  way of campuses operate.

Fuzion is also designed to alert specified individuals whenever tagged, valuable university property may be leaving an area during off hours or other times they shouldn’t be. This makes Fuzion a viable time and money saver for college beyond the most extreme criminal scenarios.

Designed by experts in the Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) industry, Fuzion was created to preserve an organization’s most critical assets, and more importantly, its people. Perhaps there’s no more significant ‘organization’ in America than colleges and universities when it comes to protecting a high volume of people in one place at one time. The measures taken to maximize the protection of students and staff should not be taken lightly.

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