Integrating hospital security and safety technologies


How many different safety and security systems are running in your healthcare care facility at once? If you really think about it, this can quickly become a lengthy list.

Furthermore, chances are the items on this list have all been installed by different people, at different times, representing different companies. Chances are even greater that these systems don’t communicate with each other.

In any hospital, clinic or healthcare organization, staff members, patients, and residents depend on multiple systems to keep the facility running its best. These systems may include those below, to name a few:

  • Nurse Call
  • Staff Communication
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Door Locks

One platform integrating multiple systems. Strength is added daily to the fabric of your organization when these systems are no longer operating on their own islands. All systems being combined into a single solution is not necessarily possible. However, there is the ability to integrate selected, sensible systems into a platform as a single source for reviewing the data.  This cuts down on the number of systems that staff have to login to in order to find the information they are looking for. Ultimately, this leads to increased staff satisfaction.

Imagine the efficiency that is gained when a system such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion is the central hub of alerts for a variety functions within your organization. The hours of staff members doing manual check-ins, logging, looking for equipment and recording often takes them out of the zone of doing the professional work they do best. Fuzion has the ability to automate some of these processes, keeping your staff members focused on doing their best work.

What’s the best way to begin integrating technologies in my healthcare organization?

It all starts with a plan. ZulaFly has the experience and expertise to help you develop a customized solution that streamlines your systems. With a passion for providing personal service that caters to your specific organization, ZulaFly works hand-in-hand with you to ensure your Fuzion experience creates more efficient day-to-day operations.

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