Five Reasons to be Thankful for a Dependable Healthcare RTLS System


The holiday season has emerged, and as often occurs this time of year, we find ourselves reflecting on an abundance of things to be thankful for. At ZulaFly, we feel especially grateful to be developing Real-Time Locating System software, as we believe in the benefits and bottom-line boosting characteristics it contains.

The healthcare industry is one place where this is especially applicable. We have found that utilizing a dependable RTLS system in your hospital, clinic, or senior living center yields results that transform the day-to-day operations of business. What will a dependable RTLS system do? Why do we feel healthcare providers should be thankful for a quality RTLS system? Here are five reasons below:                                                                                                                                                                              Better Healthcare Strategy and Decision-Making

The ‘here and now’ aspect of RTLS is undoubtedly a heavy carrier of value to any healthcare system. However, the retrospective angle of RTLS is something that shouldn’t be discounted. When a system such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion provides reports detailing where people and assets have been, future decisions can be made that improve business efficiencies.

Those charged with developing strategy that bolsters the performance of a hospital, clinic, or senior living facility can rely on the power of RTLS data to provide game-changing information.  

Satisfaction for Employees

What is the value of having a team of employees that enjoy the work they do? When the level of morale is high for nurses, technicians, and all those working to make a health system run efficiently, there is a distinct, positive difference in the characteristics of the organization.

RTLS eliminates distractions and frustrations in the workplace in many ways, including:

  • Fewer instances of lost or misplaced equipment
  • Less roaming around the workplace and more meaningful productivity
  • More cordial interaction with patients and residents whose needs are being met efficiently
  • A sense of added safety, thanks to badge with push-button alert system

Empowered patients and residents

Want the patients and residents in your hospital, clinic, or senior living facility to have a first-class experience? RTLS allows them to have more freedom within the building. Especially when serving the elderly in places such as retirement communities and memory care units, RTLS allows residents and families to know assistance is available at the press of a button… no matter where they are.

Additionally, when a resident or patient’s loved ones feel the overwhelming sense of specialized attention an RTLS-driven facility provides, the organization stakes a valuable claim within the industry’s competitive landscape.

Optimum Safety and Security

The proactive, location-based attributes of RTLS data make it an incredible value within the healthcare realm. Understanding where valuable equipment is, when it’s moving, and where it’s been keep incidences of hoarding and theft minimized. And while the benefit of RTLS to assets is significant, it barely holds a candle to the fact that people are able to operate in a safer environment when RTLS technology is utilized. When employees know they can create a silent alert at any time, and management knows they can respond to any situation with instantaneous location-based data in hand, everyone in the facility is provided a safety advantage.

Mobility that Conforms to Your Lifestyle

What if an emergency happens in the workplace when you’re away? What happens if management needs to respond to an urgent situation related to people or valuable assets in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or another off-peak time? Those who utilize a system such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion can be thankful for an efficient, mobile dashboard and a sophisticated alert system that keeps any and all applicable parties informed through their iPhone, iPad, or other tablet/mobile device at all times.

Additionally, the customizable aspects developed into the Fuzion platform allow those using the mobile app to easily access the information that’s most important to them, eliminating data clutter and cutting directly to what’s most applicable and significant to the user.

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