Compliance for 2017 vaccine storage guidelines… and beyond

Vials of medicine that are injected by hypodermic syringe on a stainless steel background

As 2017 arrives, so does a renewed excitement for healthcare providers. This often includes revamped goals, aspirations, and a fresh focus for the coming year.

In the midst of this, it’s important to also remember new guidelines and regulations that go into effect now that the calendar has turned. In 2017, updated vaccine storage guidelines are important to proactively understand.

As of January 1, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) no longer allows household combination refrigerator/freezers to be used to store vaccines for children.

A deeper look into the guidelines within the CDC Storage and Handling Toolkit also reveals that each Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider is required to have certified calibrated digital data loggers with a backup thermometer. This ensures continuous temperature monitoring.

As a whole, manual environmental monitoring creates unnecessary inefficiency. ZulaFly’s Fuzion RTLS temperature monitoring provides environmental monitoring, mobile-friendly alerts, and reports that eliminate the need for manual recording. It also creates assurance that out-of-range temperature readings in any healthcare facility can be immediately responded to and remedied without enduring irreversible damage or spoilage.

An RTLS system that ensures more than healthcare compliance

ZulaFly’s commitment to providing a quality temperature-monitoring tool ensures you are able to meet compliance guidelines. Additionally, as you may still be considering a long-term digital temperature-monitoring partner, it is important to note that ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform contains a robust RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) engine, engineered to meet more than compliance considerations. It also delivers data and reports related to your team’s people and assets, creating maximum workplace efficiency and a sparkling ROI.

For more information on how ZulaFly provides real-time solutions and reports that maximize healthcare efficiency, reach us here or call 844-ZULAFLY.

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