Are you protecting staff on your campus?

Police officer questioning friendly teacher in elementary school hallway.

How safe are the staff and faculty members on your campus?

With instances such as bomb threats on the rise, schools are continually looking for ways to protect themselves, as a whole, from violent large-scale attacks.

However, is enough being done on campuses to provide individualized protection for more isolated events involving staff members? While outside intruder-types pose a risk, there is certainly more to consider.

What about upset parents of students? Threatening confrontations between a parent and teacher/faculty member can significantly compromise staff safety. Anytime a parent is frustrated about a situation involving their child’s teacher — whether warranted or unwarranted — emotions can run high. While some disputes, like a recent occurrence in New York City, are more significant than others, campus staff and faculty can experience a heightened sense of safety through Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) alerts.

Consider this question: How can staff members feel secure in the event a fellow staff member poses a danger?

As with many other workplaces, staff members in educational settings often spend more time with co-workers than with members of their own families. As workdays grow long and patience runs short, disputes and frustration between staff members can become a reality. In rare occasions, these spats can turn violent or dangerous to the point where a teacher or faculty member needs to call out for help.

Fuzion RTLS provides a silent, effective call for help

ZulaFly’s Fuzion RTLS platform allows any staff member wearing a push-button badge to create a silent, location-based call for from anywhere inside the building. These alerts allow other designated employees to receive the alert and dispatch immediate assistance to where the alert is being originated from.

Whether danger emerges during staff-to-staff interaction or staff-to-parent encounters, Fuzion is universally capable of offering daily security and confidence to all employees on campus, allowing them to focus on nurturing students and continuing in the professional tasks they do best.

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