Mobile RTLS Alerts: They just might save your weekend

A multi-ethnic group of young adults are watching the football game and cheering on their team.

With the country’s biggest sporting event about to unfold on Sunday, many are looking forward to getting together and enjoying time away from work with friends, family, and football.

It seems like a great time to provide a reminder of how RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) can enhance the dynamic of your weekend.

No matter how you like to enjoy your Saturdays and Sundays, have you ever looked forward to a weekend away from the office when all of a sudden a problem arises at the workplace? No matter how big or small the situation may be, it creates an unwelcome distraction.

In emergency situations such as theft, faulty heating and cooling systems, or lost/misplaced equipment, you may have to wave goodbye to your weekend altogether. Some problems require immediate time and significant energy to replace what’s broken, repair what’s damaged, and/or hunt down the source of the problem.

Get to the Source Quickly; Save Time, Money, and Frustration

What if you could proactively become aware of problems as they happen? What if the cause could be remedied before it created a disastrous effect? It may improve the odds of your easy chair being left cold and alone during what was supposed to bean opportunity to unwind and break in that new 60-inch screen. Better yet, it ensures your business operations continue to operate seamlessly.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile alerts utilize RTLS technology to provide location-based alerts related to any person wearing a tag or a tagged asset. This helps you take a proactive approach to situations that can harm the day-to-day rhythm of your team and facility.

What if you could know, virtually immediately, when valuable equipment may be leaving the building? Taking immediate control of this situation through a mobile RTLS alert allows you to more easily stave off the possibility of permanent loss occurring. Additionally, while theft culprits can be company outsiders OR insiders, the very presence of a dependable RTLS system can be enough of a deterrent for any employee who may be tempted to make a poor decision.

Fuzion’s temperature monitoring is another excellent example of how ZulaFly’s platform keeps you immediately aware of a potentially devastating scenario. Anytime a refrigerator or freezer shuts down, complete spoilage of the contents inside can occur within minutes or hours. What if a shutdown happens in the middle of the night or at a time when your facility is understaffed? A Fuzion mobile alert gives you a heads up, wherever you may be, when a reading is out of range. This typically allows a designated staff member enough time to remedy the situation BEFORE ensuing damage becomes costly and time-consuming.

In settings such as healthcare where medication, vaccines, tissue, and perhaps even organs are being stored at a strict temperature, having immediate access to temperature-related equipment is critical.

A Cloud-Hosted RTLS Solution

What if you’re simply relaxing, enjoying the game and you want peace-of-mind that business operations are running smoothly? With ZulaFly being cloud hosted, you can login from ANYWHERE to ensure the flow of business is moving just as it should.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile is engineered by industry experts who understand the importance of preserving your equipment, assets, and ultimately, your time. Want to know more? Contact ZulaFly for a deeper look or to explore our demo opportunities!

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