How does RTLS augment your school security system?


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Around the country, school administrators are asking themselves, “How can we make our security system stronger?”

In many instances, the decision has been made to upgrade their current system. Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion, is one way to ensure these administrators maintain a steady hand on the pulse of daily activities at schools.

Fuzion was engineered to take existing security systems and make them stronger. How does Fuzion do this? Here a few examples:

Staff can immediately call for help from anywhere

Fuzion allows staff members to wear a location-based badge that creates a silent alert to designated devices of all approved staff and administration. In an emergency situation, staff can immediately call for help and administration can quickly identify the location of the individual. In these situations, the alert recipients(s) knows who is asking for help and understands exactly where to go.

RTLS badges create dependable visitor management

Parents and volunteers often visit schools for a variety of reasons. Whether they are picking up a child early, helping in a classroom, or assisting with an after-school program, these individuals need to be approved before proceeding through the halls. Whether it’s an elementary, middle, or secondary school, campus leaders are taking greater measures to ensure each visitor is there for the right reasons.

RTLS technology provides a real-time system that also does not appear to be overly obtrusive. Fuzion ensures outsiders are in the places they are supposed to be once they’ve been green-lighted, without giving them the feeling they’re being ‘tracked’ through the building.

Valuable assets can be tagged and located

Important and expensive assets such as iPads, Chromebooks, cameras and projectors can be tagged and quickly located in the event one has become misplaced or a student has had one in his/her possession longer than they should.

Restricted areas can be set up so valuable equipment does not accidentally leave the building. When these areas are in place, the problem can be remedied on the spot, ensuring equipment does not advance off school grounds where damage and mishandling are more likely.

In more extreme cases, school valuables are candidates to be stolen by students, or even faculty and staff members. Stolen items are often not identified as ‘missing’ until well after the theft has occurred. Additionally, replaying surveillance video does not provide the kind of valuable information that a Fuzion RTLS tag can. These alerts immediately notify designated individuals when tagged equipment has left the building, increasing the odds of swift and safe recovery.

Maximizing security in schools is a topic that will continue to be top-of-mind in today’s society. Augmenting your school security with RTLS is an excellent way to ensure you know the whole story of where people and assets have been. This ensures your campus can further its reputation as a safe, secure, learning-friendly atmosphere.

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