How can staff and patients fall in love with your healthcare organization? RTLS makes you attractive.

Female doctor with the stethoscope holding heart

Another Valentine’s Day has made its appearance. 

As florists and chocolatiers wrap up another season of helping people express warm feelings, we in the RTLS software industry continue in our quest to help businesses create workflow and efficiencies that cause staff members and patients/customers to fall head-over-heels for your organization.

Within the healthcare realm, ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform is meant to enhance the way staff members operate. Meanwhile, patients are given a more streamlined visit that involves engaged, less-distracted assistance.

One of the greatest features Fuzion offers to healthcare teams is the tagging and locating feature. When valuable equipment can be quickly located, the typical minutes wasted looking for critical equipment can be shaved down to seconds. When patients are in need of immediate assistance, these moments can make an immense difference.

Maintain control of inventory in your hospital or clinic

Another dynamic that can often emerge is staff hoarding equipment they often can’t find. When this equipment can be located easily, the temptation for nurses or other staff members to stash away extras becomes greatly diminished. Not only does this create a more friendly, cooperative team dynamic, but it also cuts down on overspending for extra hospital or clinic equipment that isn’t needed.

The RTLS staff badge revolutionizes the way your management and staff members communicate throughout the facility. If they need help with a resident or patient, they can easily press the button on their staff badge without distracting from the situation. Additionally, the location of the button press can be easily identified thanks to easy-to-access facility mapping.

Environmental monitoring ensures team members no longer need to manually check the temperature for medication fridges and freezers. RTLS automatically does this for them and alerts any designated individual if there is a problem… anytime, anywhere.

Finally, part of the abundant amount of data Fuzion can collect, package, and deliver is the response time of staff to resident/patient calls for help. This is important in protecting staff from discussions that, “No one ever came when I called for help.”

So… Are you ready to make your healthcare organization even more lovable? Are you prepared to consider a long-term commitment to a dependable partner? ZulaFly’s Fuzion is ready and waiting.

Check us out at to learn more about our profile and if you’re interested, perhaps we could take you on a date (a.k.a.: Try one of our demo units.). With an experienced software team, a mobile-friendly platform, and responsive, personal customer service, we trust you’ll quickly realize how Fuzion makes your organization even more attractive.

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