Get to know Kiley Amundson, ZulaFly’s newest senior developer

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ZulaFly is proud to announce Kiley Amundson as its newest team member. A seasoned computer programming veteran, Amundson brings a wealth of experience to the ZulaFly crew. Get to know more about our senior developer below:

Tell us a little about you… Where did you grow up? How did you develop an interest in computer information systems?

KA: I grew up in a small town called Buffalo, which is located about 40 miles northwest of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. When I was around 10 years old, my dad brought home a TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer and I was instantly addicted to it! This was the machine where I wrote my first program. Soon after, my dad brought home a Commodore 64 and I can remember sitting on that thing for hours trying to get code to run. Since then, I’ve always been surrounded by computers and programming – for both work and for fun.

How did your path ultimately lead you to ZulaFly?

KA: I graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato way back in 2001 with a B.S. in CIS and a minor focus in technical writing. After graduating, I worked as a Senior Developer at UnitedHealth Group for many years and have since carried that same title to several other great companies. Over my professional career, I have been lucky enough to work on many areas of the development process and would consider myself a “full-stack” developer, which fits in perfectly here at ZulaFly.

As a “full-stack” developer, what are some of the more interesting challenges you’ve tackled in recent years?

KA: The last system I worked on before joining ZulaFly was extremely large and felt like it had a million moving parts. One area of the system was dynamically rendered based on customer metadata and complex SQL queries, and the other part of the system was driven based on custom-developed code that was created using a home-grown SDK. Getting those two worlds to merge and play nicely together was a fun, and challenging, experience as a developer.

What makes ZulaFly a good fit for you?

KA: The people at ZulaFly are very dedicated to creating high-quality products and having fun along the way. I’ve always been a developer who tries to do things the “right way” and have always put an extra focus on quality and customer experience, so I feel like ZulaFly is a perfect fit for me!

Having spent much of your career as a senior developer, what interests you about venturing into the world of RTLS/RFID?

KA: I’m continuously amazed when I think about all of the practical uses of RTLS.  You can imagine it solving problems across a variety of different fields, including medical services, gaming, and transportation.  It can save time, money, and potentially lives in so many different ways.

What are you most looking forward to as ZulaFly’s newest team member?

KA: Digging in and getting my hands dirty!  There’s a lot of really cool stuff going on here at ZulaFly and I’m excited to watch it grow and do everything I can to help it be successful!

When you’re away from work, what activities do you enjoy?

KA: When I’m not at work, I enjoy going camping, fishing, and riding as fast as I can down singletrack trails on my mountain bike! I also love playing video games, although I can never seem to find enough time for them.

What’s your best fishing story?

KA: My best fishing story is actually one where me and five friends spent a three-day weekend ice fishing and didn’t catch a single fish! We stayed at an outfitter in central Minnesota for the entire weekend and were told that it was an “awesome trout lake”. When we walked into the ice house, we noticed the walls were covered with drawings and expressions from other people who had stayed there previously and not caught any fish!  It was very entertaining!

Since the fishing was so terrible, we ended up doing a lot of other activities as well.  It turned out to be quite fun and is still one of my more memorable fishing trips.

Any fun facts about yourself you’d like to share?

KA: I always eat the crust off my pizza and my sandwiches first!  The way I see it, I’m saving the best for last!

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