What if your security team misses what’s happening on camera?

Security, CCTV camera for office building at night in London.

When it comes to keeping a building and people safe and secure, security cameras are an excellent way to accomplish this. However, these cameras are not a catch-all solution. ZulaFly’s Fuzion is a system built to be a supplemental solution that helps tell a more complete and immediate story, in real-time.

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) is the technology that drives the Fuzion platform. Featuring a combination of RTLS as well as GPS data, Fuzion helps you know where tagged people and assets are at all times. Are you concerned about the possibility of expensive equipment being stolen or misplaced in your facility? Tagging the asset allows you know where it is in real-time, without having to playback hours of security footage or making sure someone catches it on camera as it happens.

Catching a dangerous situation in real-time on a security camera can be a tricky proposition. Fuzion ensures any organization that a more proactive accomplice is also deployed throughout the facility.
Through Fuzion, real-time notifications and alerts can be received via your preferred method of communication, allowing you to react quickly to any abnormal movement of a tagged person or asset without having to be glued to security cameras around the clock. All designated users see the same notifications whether using a browser-based system or mobile app.

The value of Fuzion and surveillance systems working in tandem is maximized when real-time notifications are combined with time-stamped video evidence that can be quickly accessed to further confirm when and where the asset moved. In situations such as theft, for example, this can be critical when it comes to efficiently recovering the asset or identifying a perpetrator.

A significant security aide in educational settings

Perhaps there is no more critical setting to ensure the safety and security of people and assets than education. As campus violence and events such as bomb threats are on the rise at schools, the necessity for more extensive security measures are critical. Many schools across the nation are making concerted efforts to beef up their surveillance systems.

The other advantage Fuzion provides in a campus setting is peace of mind to staff members. The push-button badge solution allows emergencies to be responded to with a silent alert that goes to all designated recipients. Whether there’s a serious threat to the safety of the school, or a teacher needs location-based assistance to an urgent student-related matter, creating an instant (and quiet) location-based alert allows the problem to receive swift action without drawing significant attention to the situation.

The Fuzion platform within the realm of education is an excellent fit. At the same time, industries such as acute care, senior living, hospitality, manufacturing, and gaming are just a few additional examples where ZulaFly’s solution is a powerful resource.

Fuzion is engineered by industry experts who understand the importance of creating more safety and security for organizations. Want to know more? Contact ZulaFly for a deeper look or to explore our demo opportunities!

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