RTLS Solutions: Picking the RIGHT One

In the realm of healthcare, Real-Time Locating System technology is still relatively new. While a number of facilities have already implemented a system of some kind, there are many that have yet to take the plunge. Whether you are looking to make a first-time decision or are searching for an upgrade, there are a handful of key factors to consider when picking an RTLS solution.

At its very core, an RTLS solution should be reliable, dependable, stable, and easy to use. How can you ensure your system checks each of these boxes? Here are five aspects to consider:

Ease of Use

Simply put, if you are exploring an RTLS solution that leaves your IT team cringing and management-level employees scratching their heads, it’s too complicated. Selecting a cloud-based system should make implementation a breeze for your IT department. Furthermore, picking a platform with intuitive dashboards and easy-to-access reports should incite excitement within management circles.  


This can be easily overlooked. When implementing RTLS, it’s important to know if it’s utilizing the latest technology that can be easily aligned with all your other systems.

While RTLS may be new to you, the system you’re exploring may be outdated. Sooner than later, this will lead to frustration with your team as you try to jam a square technological peg into a round hole. It is often worth the investment of time to have designated member(s) of your team research different systems and gain an understanding of what’s the most up-to-date… and who’s trying to hawk old technology as being the latest and greatest.

Easy Access to All Data

Customers should easily have access to all of their data. Whether it’s through the reports or an API, it should be easy to get their hands on.

Can reports be easily accessed on the fly? Is information updated quickly? Can reports be scheduled? Can it be viewed from virtually any device such as a laptop, iPhone, or iPad? Today’s top RTLS systems are tailor-made to fit the on-the-go nature of today’s healthcare organizations.

Cost Effectiveness

The most expensive doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Consumers are aware of more options available to them in the market and are spending a significant amount of time to make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

What are you actually getting for your money compared to other options? What does the ROI schedule look like?

And don’t forget this one… What kind of support are your dollars buying you? Does your potential RTLS solution come with an experienced customer service team that can provide insight, expertise, and troubleshooting at a moment’s notice?

Find a Real-Time Locating System that Grows with You

The healthcare industry is a carousel of constant technological, spatial, and manpower adjustment. An effective RTLS solution should grow with your facility as your needs evolve. Adding additional applications should be easy and painless. Training new users should be a snap. An intentional, purposeful RTLS system built by industry experts ensures your investment is one that you can take along for the ride.

Are you in the process of exploring a Real-Time Locating System that is most suitable for your hospital, clinic, nursing home, senior living facility, or other healthcare care system? ZulaFly would love to provide guidance in this process. Contact us today for a consultation!

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