Twenty Benefits of Working Remotely, and How to Make it WORK for Everyone

One of the primary perks of a career at ZulaFly is the opportunity to work remotely. The success of our business lies squarely on the backs of employees who are trusted to execute top-shelf work without having to report daily to an office setting. While there is freedom involved in this arrangement, there are also factors we have identified as critical considerations when making a work-from-home hire. Before we uncover these, we’d like to share why we love the work-from-home model. Here are ZulaFly’s Top 20 Benefits of Working Remotely:

  • LESS TIME COMMUTING and more constructive time both personally and professionally.
  • Studies have shown that employees that work from home are 13% MORE PRODUCTIVE!
  • Employees are HAPPY and APPRECIATE the benefit of working remotely.
  • With technology, it’s EASIER and more common than ever.
  • As a startup, you DON’T PAY for office space.
  • ZERO EXPENSES on things like office supplies, office snacks, and water coolers.
  • AVOID WASTING TIME on useless meetings!
  • HIRE THE BEST, no matter WHERE they are!
  • EMPLOYEE RETENTION SOARS! Employees will be less likely to quit!
  • People talk and companies get solid WORD OF MOUTH and referrals from it!
  • There are several PROJECT MANAGEMENT tools, services, and solutions out there to help you successfully manage remote teams, projects, and deadlines.
  • GAIN INSIGHT, perspectives, and experiences from other markets!
  • GET ATTENTION! Employees from other companies (the competition) will be jealous!
  • MANAGEABLE GROWTH! By working remotely, you can scale at a pace that is right for your business!
  • INCREASE LOYALTY! Many people aspire for the benefit of working remotely. Once they have it, they will want to keep it!
  • Employees take FEWER SICK DAYS and your projects stay rolling!
  • Employees are MORE RELAXED and don’t constantly feel the need for vacations or days off.
  • You’re getting HIGHER QUALITY of the time being spent.
  • Having employees work from home means YOU get to work from home.
  • Work-from-home is a model of the future. It gives you a head-start for YOUR startup in finding the best talent, keep them, and ultimately GROW YOUR BUSINESS!
What to look for in an effective work-from-home employee

Working remotely is continuing to be more popular, but how can you guarantee it will be an effective strategy? It is critical to find employees that are self-motivated, manage time well, and find that they can accomplish more in their home office without additional office distractions.

From our experience, you can realize success when you identify employees that use their skills to grow your business, regardless of their location. Additionally, by eliminating travel time required to and from the office, working remotely also offers flexibility in terms of work/life balance.

By adopting this mindset, ZulaFly is able to work with and recruit a nationwide network of employees and prospects without requiring them to relocate and move away from friends and family.

Closing the communication gap when working from home

Being in constant communication in regard to projects being worked on is obviously an important aspect of the work-from-home setup. That said, it’s also important to create landmarks within the monthly schedule to ensure everyone is on the same page. Making sure to have a team meeting every 1-2 weeks is important to keep the team working in stride when it comes to projects, timelines and responsibilities.

Email and Skype are great, quick methods of communication; but nothing can replace a phone conversation to ensure there is not miscommunication. While there is no doubt technology is playing a huge role in this (and will continue to), it’s those one-on-one phone conversations that help build relationships and bring everyone together as a team.

Building a team environment with work-from-home employees

How do you build a sense of team unity even when you’re not sharing workspace? Working on projects that require feedback and tasks from everyone is one way to keep all team members in a continual mode of collaboration and dependence on each other. All employees perform an important function within the company. Leveraging their skill set and expertise is important in creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and where the expectation is that their feedback is required.

Working as a startup within the technology/software industry, the at-home model provides a different mindset and an understanding that it takes a team. It’s important to be intentional in communicating that everyone plays a role.

Furthermore, it’s critical to communicate that the work being done is innovative, which we believe fuels their desire to collaborate and come together as a team.

Ultimately, the work-from-home experience is what you make it. If you establish consistent communication, set early expectations and boundaries, and place a premium on collaborative projects, the experience can be one that builds the foundation for an effective, lasting business model.

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