ZulaFly Top Ten: Why Defining Your Brand Matters

Anyone who’s been involved in the process of building a startup company knows this exciting–and sometimes intimidating–truth: You are working from a blank canvas. How do you use this and transform it into a vibrant, colorful, well-defined brand?

Here’s one thing to remember from the outset: Strong brands are built from strong ideas. As a startup, it’s an opportunity to bring an idea to life, giving it a face, a voice, and an identity for others to buy into–from employees to potential customers.

Simply put, defining your brand takes a dream and makes it a reality. Here’s our TOP TEN reasons why defining your brand matters:

  1. Building your brand allows you to TELL YOUR STORY!
  2. Defining your brand provides CREDIBILITY!
  3. A brand identity can GENERATE REFERRALS!
  4. Defining your brand provides PERSONALITY!
  5. Your brand is your company’s IDENTITY!
  6. Defining your brand’s look, feel, and voice can establish a sense of VALUE!
  7. Your brand and how you make it SETS YOU APART from the competition!
  8. Having your brand defined gives you a compass for CONSISTENCY!
  9. Your brand is your PROMISE! It sets the bar!
  10. Defining your brand sets the stage and creates an EXPERIENCE.
Building a Brand from the Ground Up

Out of the gate, ZulaFly’s goal was to build a better solution. With years in the software and RTLS industry, not only were we  familiar with what other solutions offered, but we knew where the gaps were, what the customers were asking for, and how we could answer that call in healthcare and for other industries.

Additionally, we embraced the idea of becoming the thought leader in innovation and customer support. From there, the wheels started rolling and we began to identify with what we felt were the cornerstones of our brand. Things began to fall into place. Though it was a huge undertaking, the vision, mission, and brand was defined.

Building the ZulaFly Brand

At its core, building any reputable, noticeable brand is about visibility and helping customers/clients solve problems within their organization. Having a firm understanding of what makes leadership passionate about your brand and solution is an important milestone to realize.

At ZulaFly, the brand is all of that PLUS delivering a higher level of customer service, support, and solutions that not only address the current pain points, but eliminates pain points they’ve not yet identified. It’s important to the ZulaFly team that we stay competitive and keep evolving with the goal of being an industry leader. The industry is ready and our customers deserve a next level solution like ZulaFly.

Defined Brands Have the Foundation for Decisive Strategy

When you know who you are, what you do, and what you can offer a potential client, the basis for making decisions becomes much more established. As a startup, it can be challenging to become known, make introductions, and build trust with potential clients.

In the case of ZulaFly, once potential clients see a demo and we can formally introduce them to the brand, it becomes quickly evident that we’re the partner they’ve been looking for.

Having a defined, intentional brand gives us the confidence to make that happen.

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