How do historical PAR levels keep hospital and clinic storage areas properly stocked?


When patients and visitors roam the halls and visit the rooms of your hospital or clinic, what do they notice? Cleanliness? Organization?

What if these same visitors took a look inside the not-so visible areas, such as storage closets? If they could merely peek behind the doors, what would they find?

Keeping storage closets stocked and organized can sometimes be a tall task. It can be hard enough to keep everything tidy and appropriately stocked in those high-traffic areas, which means closets can become one of two things: An unkempt catch-all, or a depleted storage space that isn’t restocked until lack of supplies and equipment has become a problem with staff spending too much time looking for needed equipment.

How can you best systemize storage rooms and closets? What are some strategies that allow you and your team to use these for what they were designed to do best? How do you ensure that you’re paying attention to inventory tucked away in storage areas, and re-ordering at the appropriate time?

In the healthcare industry, there are certain levels of inventory that are on hand at all times. This especially goes for items such as monitors and infusion pumps. Running too lean on this type of equipment can create inconvenient workflow clogs, and in extreme cases, cause harm to a patient. Establishing PAR (Periodic Automatic Replacement) levels is a practical way to avoid this problem. Understanding historical PAR levels will help identify trends so that you can be more prepared moving forward.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform comes ready-made to help you realize reasonable inventory counts and track when these counts are getting low.

With Fuzion’s mobile alerts, any designated individual can be warned when tools or equipment are approaching the PAR level and need to be re-stocked. Additionally, Fuzion’s streamlined multi-room tracking capabilities can help you ascertain if an area has become overstocked with tools or equipment. Whether it’s an infusion pump, monitoring device, or other valuable equipment, knowing the difference between when to reassign and when to replace is critical.

Hospitals, clinics, and even senior living facilities are all places where keeping track of critical tools and equipment is a must. There’s simply too much at stake. ZulaFly’s Fuzion software helps you establish PAR levels, aides in replenishment, and ensures your healthcare system stays focused on maintaining a commitment to an exceptional patient or resident experience.

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