Temperature monitoring for your hospital or clinic has never been easier

If you are in the healthcare industry, there is a significant need for temperature monitoring capability to be in place for designated areas of virtually any building.

Maybe it’s just a fridge used for medication or tissue samples. Perhaps there are freezers that need to be dependably running at all times. Or maybe there are specific rooms that need to maintain a specific temperature or humidity range to ensure the health and well being of residents or patients.

In any of these scenarios, being out-of-range can create disastrous consequences. Meeting ever-critical compliance requirements is one effect, not to mention the basic need to keep people comfortable and medications useful and effective.

Tracking temperature readings is certainly not a new thing for hospitals, clinics, and senior living facilities. However, the MANNER in which temperature is logged and recorded has evolved significantly in recent years.

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)-based temperature monitoring solutions have become an efficient, dependable way to automatically log temperature readings. The days of a designated employee walking from area to area, holding a clipboard, and logging a reading have yielded to a more effective platform.

In the past, what happened when this person discovered the temperature of a room, fridge, or freezer was out of range? Typically, these occurrences just spur more questions: How long has the temperature been dropping or climbing? When did this last happen? How often has it been occurring?

With Fuzion’s alerting system, guesswork is eliminated as mobile alerts can be deployed the within seconds of an out-of-range reading, and easy-to-access reports can provide a historical snapshot of relevant data.

While alerts are a convenient characteristic, Fuzion’s reporting mechanisms take its vitality to new levels. Engineered by industry experts, Fuzion allows more complex data and reporting to be accessed, driving more effective strategy. For example, while temperature is being recorded, information such as daily temperature averages, temperature graphs, and in-range/out-of-range reports can also be generated.

Some facilities are still catching up to this technology, while others may be looking to make ever-important upgrades. In any scenario, adding a temperature monitoring solution requires an initial stage of implementation and becoming familiar with the technology. In the past, making temperature monitoring part of the DNA of your organization required an on-site server and an inevitable level of hassle placed upon the IT team.

Understanding the need for developing software that “takes it on easy” on internal systems, ZulaFly created Fuzion as a cloud-hosted platform. This allows implementation of the technology to be more streamlined as the need for on-site servers is eliminated. Furthermore, updates and upgrades can be made more expeditiously while keeping in-house teams operating with a lighter load of data.

Health, safety, and compliance are all significant factors in ensuring your hospital, clinic, or nursing home is running at full speed. Creating maximum efficiency in your temperature monitoring efforts is one way to stay on point with the resident and patient-focused work your organization has become known for.

At times when new technology can be seen as more trouble than it’s worth, cloud-based RTLS solutions have emerged as an efficient, easy-to-implement answer to temperature monitoring challenges.

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