How are Self-Rooming Clinics Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry?


Self-rooming clinics are taking stereotypical healthcare experiences and turning them on their heads.

Thanks to the assistance of Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, self-rooming clinics allow healthcare providers to maximize resources and clinic space whenever a patient enters the facility for care.

Self-Rooming Helps Patient Satisfaction Soar

Let’s face it… Patients in a clinic are, by nature, hard to please. Dealing with the distraction of illness and/or unknown health concerns makes anyone visiting a clinic predisposed to a short fuse.

How does self-rooming stave off frustrated reactions from “impatient patients?” If you look at the broader picture, there are multiple ways hospital or clinic patients can have an enhanced experience through self-rooming.

  • Waiting rooms are virtually eliminated. Receptionists can look at a real-time floor plan or a list of available rooms to determine rooms that are already open, and assign a badge and room number to the patient. Instantly, the patient gets the feeling that more help is just around the corner.
  • Because any and all staff members can quickly and efficiently see what is going in any given room, they are able to identify when a patient arrives and is ready to be seen.
  • Patients feel heightened levels of care and importance when they feel they aren’t waiting as long to be seen.
  • The registration process is streamlined for each patient as staff members have optimal understanding of  the status each room, while bottlenecks and delays can be quickly identified and patients can be re-routed.
  • Cycle time is more accurate when patients enter the workflow by entering their exam room after check-in.

RTLS-based systems such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion uses RTLS data to create improved strategy for healthcare systems. When utilizing these type of reports, on-the-fly decisions can be made much more effectively. These may include increasing room utilization, dialing up or dialing back staffing ratios, and predicting areas of bottlenecks before they happen.

While healthcare systems depend on ZulaFly to help them provide a first-class experience for patients, ZulaFly in turn aims to provide a software system that is a first-class experience for healthcare systems. Are you aiming to get your self-rooming endeavor off the ground quickly and efficiently? Featuring a cloud-based platform and a smooth implementation process, ZulaFly aims to provide a complete package of no-hassle, expert-driven software, that is powered by a team devoted to being a hand-in-hand partner every step of the way.

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