Ten Ways to Hustle and Keep Your Business Wheels Rolling

Running a successful business requires momentum, and momentum requires movement. As any business—young or old—evaluates its performance on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, what are some of the characteristics that make it successful? Do you maintain success, or momentum, in your business? How do you overcome inevitable moments of failure in your organization? Consider the words of Winston Churchill:

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Success in business, momentum in business, requires courage. But as your business valiantly navigates success and failure, what in the DNA of the business helps it move forward? Here are ten ways our team at ZulaFly has identified as ways to keep our business wheels rolling:

    1. Prioritize. Talk often with leadership about the priorities of the company, new customer features, bug fixes, etc. This ensures everyone is on the same page at all times, keeping all operations running parallel to each other.
    2. Time Management is imperative. Learning how to manage emails, calls, and internal/external meetings is no small feat. When it comes to managing calls and emails, sometimes less is more. This means that we give up trying to respond IMMEDIATELY to every piece of communication that comes our way. This makes for a day that’s continually reactive instead of proactive. Planning selected times during the day to answer calls and emails is often more efficient, and keeps you focused.
    3. Know when to say, “No,” and walk away. Not all opportunities are worth the time, even when you’re a young business or start-up that is craving new clients or customers. It’s important to identify which potential customers or clients are not an ideal fit and may end up costing money instead of making money.
    4. Never say, “No,” to an initial conversation. While not every opportunity is a golden one, you never know where a conversation or connection may lead.
    5. Know when to multi-task and how to do it effectively. Are you constantly juggling a multitude of jobs throughout the day? It’s important to remember, each of those items in the air represents a promise. If you’re in a mode where you have too many tasks to manage, and you risk breaking promises, it’s time to delegate and quit trying to manage everything on your own.
    6. Always be networking and cultivating new partnerships, potential new customers, and also potential new hires. It is extremely valuable and a “must” to have a healthy pipeline of all three. Without playing into this strategy, it is easy to become stale as a company in terms of ideas, brand development, and innovation… just to name a few.
    7. Work ON your business, not just IN your business. How involved are you in the day-to-day aspects of your business? Are you perhaps over-involved? Can that even be possible
    8. The antidote to fear is a plan. In the life of your business, there will be moments where you may feel unsure of what you’re doing or nervous about where the next step is going to lead. Remember: Having a plan helps you exude confidence.
    9. Dreaming vs. Doing. While your business likely hatched from an ambitious dream, it is important to stay in the mode of accomplishing the goals that help you obtain your great visions for the company.
    10. Have fun! Chances are, if you’re passionate about hiring the right people for your team, you have built a squad of employees that enjoy what they do. Building a culture where hard work is rewarded, communication lines are open, and team members understand their value is critical to keep your team excited about their work and pushing forward toward greater ideas.



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