Five Ways to Use RTLS to Maximize Senior Living Facilities

If words like safety, security, confidence, and freedom describe the atmosphere surrounding the staff and residents of your senior living facility, your center has found the keys to unlocking a strong organization.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) software takes all that is exceptional about your senior care facility and ramps it to a new level.

How does Fuzion enhance your operations? Here are five ways below…

  1. TEMPERATURE & COMPLIANCE MONITORING: keeps medicine at safe levels

Strict medication regimens are a way of life for residents in senior living facilities. This means the fridges and/or freezers that house these medications must operate properly at all times.

Fuzion’s temperature monitoring system ensures appropriate staff members are alerted the moment a reading is out of range. It can also set up on a delay to allow the device go back in range after a door is close. Whether an issues arises in the morning, afternoon, or in the middle of the night, the out-of-range reading can be quickly responded to. This prevents thousands of dollars worth of spoilage. Additionally, unlimited number of escalations ensure the event is resolved within an acceptable timeframe.

  1. HISTORICAL REPORTING promotes high-level strategic moves

How good of service are residents really getting? Is your nursing home, retirement home, or senior care facility actually living up to what it says it will do? Historical reporting through Fuzion allows management to glean valuable data that drives future strategy.

Wouldn’t you love to have answers to some of the following questions?

  • How efficiently are staff members taking care of requests for help?
  • Are residents being helped by staff members in a timely fashion when it comes to therapy sessions?
  • Are residents participating in activities as anticipated?
  • Are you able to quickly contain an infectious disease outbreak if one were to occur?

ZulaFly is built on the premise that knowledge is power, which is why we have poured substantial time and energy into engineering a historical reporting mechanism that changes the way you do business.

  1. keep meticulous track of your people and assets

What are some of the more valuable pieces of equipment your facility utilizes? Are you in a bigger building where assets are more spread out, making it hard to keep track of what is actually where?Are there items that tend to go lost or missing, never to return?

The tag-and-locate functionality of Fuzion ensures any critical asset can be located, virtually in an instant. Additionally, Fuzion’s GPS dashboard allows you to track business assets, such as vehicles, that are on the move outside of the facility.


Having a location-based, real-time understanding of each resident allows staff members to ensure the facility is making good on its commitment to provide a safe, secure environment.

Where within the building is a resident currently located? Is anyone mistakenly wandering off to an area of the building they shouldn’t be? What if one of the residents gets outside and becomes confused? How can residents easily and quickly call for help in an emergency from anywhere in the facility?

These are questions Fuzion can ably answer. Not only do staff members have location-based information for any resident wearing a badge, these residents can also use the button on their badge to send a location-based alert whenever they’re in a situation that requires help.

This is where Fuzion delivers a sense of freedom, giving residents more confidence to freely roam the facility without concern of having to locate a call box nearby if an emergency occurs.


Staff members working in senior living facilities are a special type of person. Patience, kindness, compassion, and perhaps most importantly, attentiveness, are all attributes critical to these staff members doing their best work.

While real-time notifications have an incredibly tangible benefit for residents, Fuzion also equips staff members with real-time capabilities that allow them to stay focused on being proficient at their job.

For example: In larger, more spread-out facilities, staff members can have moments of isolation where it may be difficult to find someone nearby if they need extra assistance with a resident. Perhaps it may be as simple as helping someone get out of bed, or relocating a piece of furniture in a resident’s room. These are moments where the staff badge can quickly alert the rest of the team that assistance is needed and where. Since staff cannot be everywhere at once, they are proactively notified if a resident leaves their room in the middle of the night, or is near an exit they should not be.

Throughout the day-to-day happenings in a senior living facility, moments of resident frustration will occasionally occur. Whatever the source of tension may be, Fuzion’s silent alert system allows staff reinforcements to converge on the scene, without drawing extra attention to it.

Families are given peace of mind knowing their loved one can call for help anytime, anywhere. Fuzion’s data-rich reports allow family members to know how much time staff members are spending with their loved one, as well as how much time is spent being involved and active outside of their room.

Ultimately, residents, their families and staff can collectively live with peace of mind thanks to the benefits RTLS technology provides.