Nurse Call for Senior Living: How Can RTLS Carry the Weight?

Nurse Call for Senior Living: How Can RTLS Carry the Weight?

Providing first-class service in a senior living facility can be a lofty challenge. While managing the unpredictable nature of resident needs can cause strategic difficulties, simply creating a measurement system for success within your organization can be a tall task in itself.

One of the primary factors in measuring resident satisfaction within your senior living facility is knowing how quickly staff members respond to calls for help.

Are patients/residents being attended to quickly? Are nurse call cancellations happening as they’re supposed to once a nurse enters the room? What is the average response time of the staff to calls for help? Can team members assist residents that are closest in proximity to them, or are they running across the building to help with something that could have easily been handled by another staff member?

Suitable answers to these questions can be realized through an effective RTLS (Real-Time Locating System)-based system. While platforms such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion create added effectiveness and efficiency, what if an RTLS system could do even more? Is there another level of excellence that RTLS can provide in a healthcare setting?


When it comes to nurse call, the primary appeal of Fuzion lies in the fact that residents can wear badges with a button press, allowing them to call for help from anywhere throughout the facility. Gone are the days of residents falling, getting lost, or coming down ill in an area where there is nobody available to hear or see them.

Another critical aspect is when staff and residents are wearing a tag, management knows how much time a patient/resident is spending with caregivers. Those in the facility can understand where residents are spending their time, and how quickly staff members are able to meet their needs.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion RTLS system gives your senior living facility an edge of excellence by extending far beyond nurse call functionality to carry a heavy load of data, reports, and customized information. It provides a more all-encompassing view of day-to-day occurrences with your facility, augmenting nurse call and not simply revolving around it.

A considerable advantage is Fuzion’s real-time and historical reporting, including both nurse call and RTLS information. This ensures data can be seen in a single system, allowing facilities to get a complete view of what is happening in your senior living facility. ZulaFly’s dashboard allows the user to see which nurse call pull cords are alerting, and how long they have been open, while indicating where assets are to save time or where residents are for safety reasons.

Increased value can be found in RTLS for Senior Living through solutions such as temperature monitoring, where temperature readings in rooms, medication refrigerators, and freezers can automatically be monitored while notifications are sent to all pertinent staff members when issues arise.

Additionally, visitors within the facility can be easily located to ensure they are staying within appropriate areas of the building.

Is your nurse call system simply giving you the basics, or are you working with a system that’s tailor-made to make a difference in the way you serve residents in the present and in the future? It’s time to unleash the power of RTLS and allow it take the senior living experience, and your organization, to new heights.

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