When yelling for help makes an emergency worse…

How quickly can your hospital, clinic, or senior-care facility staff CALMLY call for emergency assistance without aggravating a situation?

Whether there’s immediate danger or the potential for danger, making the RIGHT call for help can be the difference between eliminating a possible disaster and triggering a catastrophe.

Silent calls for help are becoming a must-have component to getting appropriate aide in a burglary, attack, or other urgent matter where panic can make matters worse. This is part of the reason the ‘999’ phone call system was developed in the United Kingdom, providing an avenue for location-based communication to occur when these events happen.

What if your healthcare facility had its own version of a ‘999’ system?

The closed quarters of healthcare facilities, and the occasionally volatile patients inside them, can create an environment ready-made for disaster.

This potential was recently realized in Florida, where a dementia patient was waving a gun, while also possessing a knife, and threatening to harm himself.

These healthcare environments are ripe for situations where physical sickness, mental illness and other related factors can affect the temperament of patients and residents. What can be done to quietly summon the assistance of management or co-workers? In a setting where help may literally be around the corner, the silent call for assistance can bring appropriate care to the situation within seconds, without the perpetrator becoming alarmed or frightened.

Thanks to RTLS systems such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion, your facility has a sophisticated in-house ‘999’ system. With staff and patients both wearing RTLS badges, security can quickly respond to any situation, while also learning who else may be in the area of the emergency. Those who utilize these systems are quickly learning that emergency responders are more prepared BEFORE arriving on the scene, armed with RTLS technology, than what was previously possible.

Hospitals, clinics, and senior living facilities can provide patients, residents, and staff members alike with an RTLS badge containing a silent push-button mechanism. This offers a means to easily and quietly call for location-based help in ANY emergency scenario.

In a world where healthcare facilities are continually in competition for the best employees and the highest-rated patient and resident environment, RTLS has become a vital component to winning this battle.

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