When information (and patients) can’t wait, RTLS gets you up to speed

Based on recent studies, emergency room wait times at hospitals across the United States are getting worse before they get better.

In one example, the University of New Mexico Hospital recently revealed the average wait time in their adult emergency room is 9 hours and 30 minutes. While this is an extreme case, it is one of many instances where patients are waiting longer than the length of the average workday to receive care under urgent circumstances.

What can be done to cut down on these wait times? Adding beds and expanding staff are the easy answers, but these exercises are not immediate nor do they provide a solution at times when the ER is simply busier than usual.

More healthcare facilities are turning to RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) platforms such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion to provide real-time information that helps make on-the-fly decision making more effective in busy hospitals and clinics.

Maintain the Sanity of Your Waiting Room

By taking out the guesswork and implementing a system, hospital staff can easily pinpoint which patients have waited longer than usual for care. Utilizing real-time data to plan the next move in an emergency room allows team members to make proactive decisions that curb patient frustration before it happens.

What happens when the inevitable patient rush occurs and there’s simply not enough room to house everyone that needs care? Fuzion’s workflow application allows bottlenecks to be quickly identified, alleviating long wait times. Additionally, reports can be run at any moment that allow staff members to ascertain how long patients are spending in the facility from door to door.

The breakneck pace of emergency rooms can nearly bring a facility to its knees at time when doctors and nurses need to be even more focused than usual. In the midst of the chaos, it is difficult to keep track of which rooms are being used and which aren’t. Fuzion’s room board gives facilities a fighting chance to maintain maximum usage of rooms while minimizing patient wait times and ensuring all staff members can provide premium-level care.

If reports are showing rooms are filled the majority of the time, educated decisions can be made. Is it time to add more beds? When does it make sense to bring on more employees? Do we need to look into building another facility? Answers to these questions can be found through the Fuzion’s sophisticated reports tool.

Control Hospital Traffic while Staff is at Ease

While every good hospital takes a patient-first approach, RTLS platforms such as Fuzion also allow healthcare organizations to ensure the safety of their valuable employees. By providing a staff badge, employees are given an extra measure of protection as they can use the button press on their badge to discreetly call for help at any time. No longer are staff working under a cloud of anxiety when they encounter volatile patients are in a situation where they feel isolated or momentarily unsafe.

Across the country, hospitals are being plagued by long wait times. How can you rise above the statistics and keep your waiting room from becoming a wailing room? ZulaFly’s Fuzion is a fantastic place to start. To learn more about ZulaFly’s workflow solutions for healthcare, visit zulafly.com.

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