What’s yours is not theirs: RTLS and hospital attrition management

Hospital thieves are getting increasingly creative every day.

One of the most recent episodes of healthcare hijinks occurred in Phoenix, where a man covered electronics such as computers and TVs in a sheet and wheeled them out of the building and right into an awaiting getaway car.

It wasn’t until surveillance was reviewed that it was revealed the suspect wandered the basement of the building for three hours, changing his appearance from room to room. Within a matter of moments, $36,000 worth of merchandise had left the facility.

Hospital attrition is a growing problem, and there are countless events such as these occurring across the country… Instances where valuable equipment goes missing and is long out the door before anyone notices, leaving befuddled security teams scrambling to review  surveillance to put the pieces together. By this point, asset recovery is virtually impossible, while expensive replacement costs inevitable.

These are perfect examples of where RTLS-based tagging and locating technology could have made a significant difference. What if hospital officials could have received an alert the MOMENT this equipment started moving or at a minimum was at an exit?

RTLS will lower attrition rate by providing a real-time monitoring system, allowing you to know where assets are and how long they have been there. Staff members can also receive an alert if tagged equipment is a restricted area of the building it should be not be, such as exit locations, indicating it is leaving the building.

In the Phoenix hospital case, and scores of others, theft can be detected the moment happens. When real-time alerts are sent to the proper staff members, real-time reactions are also a possibility.

Gone are the days of looking for perpetrators hours or days after the crime has been committed. It’s time to save money, time, and energy by utilizing RTLS to increase the odds of valuables being safely recovered and returned.

Does your hospital have thousands, or perhaps millions of dollars’ worth of equipment that isn’t being protected by the tagging and locating power of RTLS technology? ZulaFly’s Fuzion is a system built to keep you proactively in control. Contact us today for solutions that are specific to the needs and specifications of your healthcare system!

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