School Emergencies: What’s the BEST way for students and staff to call for help?

Over the last five years, California has seen a rise in school-based violence and active shooter incidents. Recent statistics indicate that for the 2012-13 school year, there were nine reported threats. In five years, the number have tripled, as there were 27 instances in the 2016-17 schoolyear.

In a California State Auditor report released in early September, a conclusion was determined that most K-12 campuses were largely unprepared for active shooter situations. In a review of 29 different safety plans from three school districts, it was found that while they all had safety plans in place, they did not have an active shooter plan in place.

While ZulaFly is not an active shooter solution, it is designed to be a mechanism students and staff can take advantage of in any emergency. The Fuzion platform allows districts to take existing security plans and make them stronger.

The strength of Fuzion lies in the system’s ability to create a silent, location-based alert to designated devices of all approved staff and administration. In an emergency situation, staff and students can call for help and administration can quickly identify the location of the individual.

One of the benefits of an RTLS system in schools is when there is an emergency, administration has the ability to see where students and staff are located in real-time. If anyone has left the building, administration will know what time they left the building and which exit was used. The real-time locating of staff and students in an emergency becomes vital in not only understanding who is left in the building, but their location so they can receive help quickly.

For any visitors that may be entering a school building, RTLS technology provides a real-time system that also does not appear to be overly obtrusive. Fuzion ensures outsiders are in the areas they are supposed to be once they’ve been green-lighted, without giving them the feeling they’re being ‘tracked’ through the building.

As studies continue to show increased occasions of violent danger in schools, maximizing security is a topic that remains top-of-mind. Augmenting your school security with RTLS platforms such as Fuzion is an excellent way to ensure alerts can be dispatched as soon as an emergency situation occurs.

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