Did you just throw out thousands of dollars of medication because your fridge was out of range?

One particular image of a flooded nursing home in the Houston area will surely go down as one of the most iconic images of Hurricane Harvey.

Tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, significant blizzards or ice storms… These are all disastrous events that hospitals and senior living centers need to be continually prepared to combat, as the consequences for each patient or resident can be a matter of life and death without the appropriate plan in place.

While natural disaster planning is critical to the well-being for any healthcare organization, how well is your facility prepared for other disasters/mishaps that may come along? For example, how is your organization equipped to respond when medication refrigerators and/or freezers go out of range? Are you SURE you will catch the problem in time to move forward knowing nothing has spoiled?

While the financial impact of spoiled medication can be crippling to your hospital, clinic, or senior living facility, the potential impact on patients can be even more disastrous. Staff members are left scrambling for replacements to ensure each patient or resident remains on track with their daily regimen.

Speaking of staff members, how many of them are you utilizing to manually record temperatures of fridges and freezers to ensure they’re within range?

With a system such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion, temperatures can be automatically logged, while alerts can be sent immediately via mobile device whenever temps are out of range.

Health, safety, and compliance are all significant factors in ensuring your hospital, clinic, or nursing home is running at full speed. Creating maximum efficiency in your temperature monitoring efforts is one way to stay on point with the resident and patient-focused work your organization has become known for.

Grace Health System is one of these top-notch health organizations that is experiencing the difference that an RTLS-based system such as Fuzion provides.

“We now have fewer people involved in monitoring temperatures daily. No longer is it a manual process so it becomes much faster and easier, less room for error,” says Christopher Winn, Director of Business Development and Purchasing at Grace Health System. “It has helped tremendously in identifying and troubleshooting problematic areas that we didn’t even know were an issue,” added Winn. “When you manually check temperatures once a day it may be during a time when that unit is within the allowed range. However, what you are not seeing is all the times that unit goes out of range and how long it stays out of range.”

The advantages go beyond real-time considerations. Future strategy efforts are also bolstered based on the information and data that is generated as part of Fuzion’s reporting mechanism. Additionally, the expedient implementation process is one of the reasons why ZulaFly emerges as more than just a single-solution partner. Simply put, ADOPTING the system and LEARNING the system is an easy process.

At times when new technology can be seen as more trouble than it’s worth, ZulaFly’s cloud-based RTLS solutions have emerged as an efficient, easy-to-implement answer to protecting valuable assets and providing a capable answer to temperature monitoring challenges.

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