Giving back the gift of TIME to healthcare providers: The efficiency of RTLS

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, lage hospitals are placing more of their financial resources into outpatient clinics than ever before.

While chasing patients that may be looking for more inexpensive care is a move that expands the overall care base, how are hospitals efficiently managing the added workload? With an investment such as this, hospitals are not only adding more patients, but more locations. As the patient base grows, the ability to support the patients AND staff becomes an increasingly problematic situation – unless technology is in place to easily gather data, make decisions, and operate smoothly.

Healthcare systems, large and small, are generally trending toward becoming larger and more diverse. As this happens, RTLS technology becomes a more critical component to workflow and facility management than ever before.

ZulaFly’s RTLS-based Workflow solution is engineered to ensure you master the day-to-day motions of your organization, no matter how many locations you have or how much growth you are projecting. In settings such as senior living, acute care, and clinics, ZulaFly’s Fuzion software arms you with a combination of real-time data and reports that ensures your patients and residents receive first-class care.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion platform drives healthcare systems to greater efficiency as patients are smoothly transferred from room to room, location-based communication occurs between staff members, equipment is easily located, and most importantly, hospital or clinic staff members see more patients in the same amount of time.

If reports are showing rooms are filled the majority of the time, educated decisions can be made. Is it time to add more beds? When does it make sense to bring on more employees? Do we need to look into building another facility? Answers to these questions can be found through the Fuzion’s sophisticated reports tool.

Another dynamic that can often emerge is staff hoarding equipment they often can’t find. This can especially occur when growth happens quickly, staff members need to be quickly hired and trained, and team members don’t get as much time to know each other and/or the equipment.

When equipment can be located easily, the temptation for nurses or other staff members to stash away extras becomes greatly diminished. Not only does this create a more friendly, cooperative team dynamic, but it also cuts down on overspending for extra hospital or clinic equipment that isn’t needed.

The RTLS staff badge revolutionizes the way your management and staff members communicate throughout any facility, or between facilities. If they need help with a resident or patient, they can easily press the button on their staff badge without distracting from the situation. Additionally, the location of the button press can be easily identified thanks to easy-to-access facility mapping.

As healthcare systems evolve the strategies they utilize to grow a patient base, RTLS platforms can automatically deliver actionable metrics. This helps healthcare systems as a whole make key decisions in real-time, freeing up staff time, eliminating manual processes, and ultimately, seeing more patients and offering more exceptional care.

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