5 Reasons Clinics Should Utilize RTLS Technology

The 21st century has brought some innovative and effective technologies to the healthcare industry, including electronic medical records, x-ray technology, and automated laboratory testing. Among the top innovations is real-time locating systems, a solution offered by ZulaFly.

To ZulaFly customers, RTLS is extremely useful for running their business efficiently and effectively. It helps administration receive data that drives decision-making, provides all-encompassing security, contributes to stronger productivity levels, and increases the likelihood patients and staff will have a positive experience at their facility. For those in the healthcare industry, however, it is absolutely invaluable for all these reasons and more! Read on to discover five reasons clinics should be utilizing RTLS.

  1. Reduced Wait Times with Self-Rooming Capabilities

There are a myriad of reasons some patients dislike hospital settings, but waiting to see a healthcare professional tops the list. Lessen the possibility that your patients will have a frustrating experience at your clinic by utilizing RTLS’s ability to provide a room for them sooner rather than later!

With self-rooming technology, waiting rooms are virtually eliminated. Real-time floor plans and/or a constantly updating list of available rooms help determine which rooms are open, making it easier for registration to direct patients to an exam room as soon as one becomes available. As a result, patients feel heightened levels of care and importance, healthcare professionals can more quickly react to the next phase of care for their patients, and your processes are streamlined.

  1. The Ability to Provide a Better Patient Experience

When a patient leaves your clinic, you want to make sure their experience was positive for a number of reasons. Whether it’s to maintain high standards you are known for, heighten your staff’s sense of pride in their work, or to truly provide the best care possible for your patients, it’s important to track the patient’s experience from points A through Z.  Once registered, your patient is assigned a badge and room number, making it infinitely easier to identify how long the patient waits in the exam room, and when they are ready to be seen.  With RTLS, you now have real time data to view a patient’s location, allowing your staff to better understand where they are spending time during their visit and who they are spending time with while at your clinic.

  1. Effective and Accurate Room Utilization

With self-rooming technology and the ability to consistently monitor your patients’ locations, RTLS provides more efficient room utilization. RTLS’s ability to pull unbiased and accurate data in real-time means you can quickly observe which rooms are available, how long a patient is in the exam room prior to staff entering, and time staff and patient spend together in the exam room.  Determine how efficiently your entire facility is operating – making informed decisions easier when it comes to hard questions such as clinic improvements, expansion and addition of staff members.

  1. Real-Time Reports that Provide Valuable Insight

Receiving reports monthly, weekly, or even daily can be helpful when trying to understand your clinic’s cycle time or room utilization rate, for example. Real-time reports make it easier for your staff to identify bottlenecks as they happen and provide valuable insight into a patient’s door-to-door time. The results of the data allow your staff to better understand and compare practice’s cycle times and can lead to major improvements in your processes, both short-term and long-term.

  1. Automated Processes that Increase Efficiency

ZulaFly was created as a solution to help you master the day-to-day details of your organization. Our solution provides an alternative to manual processes, review of paperwork and guesswork that can stagnate decision-making. Staff productivity will also skyrocket when you use the automated processes that RTLS provides. Automating workflows such as Laboratory or Radiology quickly notify the correct staff what Patient needs their service and where they are located.

If your clinic is looking for a few new ways to be efficient and spend more time with patients, schedule a demo with ZulaFly!

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