What sets ZulaFly apart? Here are our top ten differentiators…

Hospitals, clinics, and senior living organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve workflow, increase patient and worker safety, and effectively manage assets. Hiring the best employees, maximizing usage of facilities, and keeping communication between staff members clear and consistent are all great places to start.

But at what point do these organizations turn to technological aides to lend a powerful hand?

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology has exploded onto the healthcare scene as a way to communicate location-based information and alerts throughout an entire hospital, clinic, or senior living facility. Platforms such as ZulaFly’s Fuzion ensure staff members are on the same page, assets aren’t being misplaced, and important alerts are received when equipment is in a place it shouldn’t be. RTLS is there to keep management in control when someone is in need of help, a temperature reading has gone out of range, or even when inventory needs to be re-ordered.

While some healthcare systems have adopted RTLS platforms, many are still on the fence about whether it’s worth the investment. As leadership makes important decisions on where to spend money and where to protect the bottom line, what differentiates ZulaFly as an industry leader in RTLS technology? Here are our top ten differentiators:


ZulaFly’s team features veterans of the RTLS and software industry. With decades of combined experience, there isn’t a challenge the team isn’t equipped to face.


The Fuzion software solution fosters quick, easy implementation and user-friendly interface that can be picked up easily by staff members, leaving fewer headaches for the IT department.


Looking for something that is easily customizable to the needs of YOUR organization? ZulaFly prides itself on providing a solution that can be tailored to your specifications, allowing you to track what’s most important to you through a dashboard that’s unique to your daily workflow.


ZulaFly offers cloud-hosted and on-premise implementations. This allows customers to choose which fits their environment best.


Dynamic dashboards can be customized to fit the needs of each user. Information is retrieved quickly and updated in real-time.


Fuzion is designed to be used as a practical tool for increased efficiency. Staff members are less stressed and customers receive a first-class experience with less wait time.


ZulaFly walks hand-in-hand with you as a partner that’s there for you long after the implementation is over. Personal, professional assistance is always a call or email away.


Robust reporting mechanisms provide an abundance of easy-to-sort, easy-to-find real-time and historical data. ZulaFly understands that on-the-fly adjustments are critical to the life of a healthcare system. We pride ourselves on packaging information in a way that allows users to make quick, well-informed decisions.


The most expensive solution doesn’t always mean it’s the best. What are you getting for your money compared to other solutions? What does the ROI look like? How supportive are the professionals who built your platform? ZulaFly offers a software package that stands tall in face of these questions.


As your business evolves, ZulaFly has applications that can be added as you are ready; taking a phased approach to RTLS in your facility.

Fuzion is built to deliver better healthcare workflow for patients and staff, top-notch asset management, first class RTLS reporting, patient locating, and dependable temperature monitoring. ZulaFly’s goal is to give organizations the edge they need to make adjustments on a day-to-day basis by giving them tools to remain relevant, service-driven, and a step ahead of opponents.

Want to learn more about ZulaFly’s RTLS-based solutions? We’d love to answer your questions!

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