Wireless Temperature Monitoring: Why customers are noticing the benefits

Operating a fridge or freezer within safe levels is not just important to healthcare systems, it’s a necessity. When these storage systems operate out of range, it can create devastation in terms of spoilage of critical components ranging from medication to human tissue. The end result can be squandered time, financial loss, and in extreme situations, loss of life at your hospital, clinic, or senior living facility.

How are ZulaFly’s wireless temperature monitoring customers realizing significant benefits?

Cloud-hosted RTLS

When a customer can be up and running in a matter of days—not months—with no additional server space required, the hassles and headaches of implementation are greatly reduced. Adding new software to your business should be a liberating experience, not something that borders on being more trouble than it’s worth. Fuzion allows you to experience efficient RTLS benefits thanks to its cloud-hosted system.

Proactive Notifications

How distracted is your team on a day-to-day basis? Are they able to go through their day-to-day operations without major hurdles presenting themselves from your climate-sensitive assets? Fuzion’s proactive notifications allow users to be notified immediately when temperature-monitored devices go out of range, allowing everyone to continue with their normal day and the MOST productive they can be.

Map View

It’s time to get a bird’s-eye view of problems and potential pitfalls for your temperature-monitored items. Fuzion’s map view shows the physical locations of all monitored items on a map. Visual indicators create an alert when monitored items are out of range. Utilizing this map view can be a major time saver for staff members looking to quickly take care of a problem.

Corrective Action Reports

Would you benefit from having corrective action reports sent out on a designated day each month? ZulaFly’s clients are experiencing the benefits of being covered. It’s a matter of letting the supportive  people at ZulaFly set this up once and you are instantly plugged into the kind of data that changes the way you do business. Fuzion provides access to all real-time and historical temperature data so that facilities can have the information they need, when they need it.

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