Hospital Crime on the Rise: RTLS adds a layer of protection

In today’s healthcare industry, utilizing new technologies to prevent crime may seem like a no-brainer – and for good reason. Numerous technological advances exist that can help implement new safety protocols in your business more easily, making your daily workflow function more efficient, and offer better safety solutions that provide a more comfortable atmosphere for workers and patients alike. Still, many facilities don’t take the leap to implement new technology for a variety of reasons.

For some organizations, new technology may not seem like an effective or necessary solution. For others, people may not be eager to use something new due to the fact that they think it could be difficult to learn or implement. On top of that, technology can be an additional expense for organizations who are already dealing with hard-strapped budgets.

So how do you convince your fellow healthcare providers that new technology is a necessary step forward for your business when trying to prevent crime and provide a safer workplace? It’s simple: take a look at what a difference these systems can make for three of the most impacted facets in health-related crimes.

  1. Management of Assets
    By implementing a RTLS Asset Management system, healthcare facilities can deter theft of necessary assets much more easily. ZulaFly’s state-of-the-art system includes locating technology that can alert security officials if equipment is leaving the facility that should not, or is in an area it should not be.This technology extends to rental or leased equipment, as well; even equipment that does not belong to your facility can be tagged for locating! This way, your staff can make sure no equipment exits the building and everything you rented can be found and returned easily and on time.Another great feature of ZulaFly’s RTLS system is the additional level of security these locating tags give your equipment. All tags are tamper resistant, meaning they will alert the necessary individuals when someone tries to remove them.
  2. Management of Medication
    A large area of concern for healthcare facilities in 2018 includes the management and locating of medication. With the reports of sharp increases in reported drug losses and theft at VA hospitals and the nation’s widespread opioid crisis, frequent inspections of stock and continuous locating of medication is absolutely crucial to prevent these items from falling into the wrong hands.If you use a RTLS system like Fuzion, you get access to real-time reports and custom dashboards that make it easier than ever before to locate your inventory and alert staff when it is on the move. Using this type of locating solution means your employees can spend more time working and less time searching – allowing your budget to grow as inventory replacement costs drop and work-time productivity to skyrocket.
  3. Staff and Visitor Safety
    Healthcare institutions, by nature, are seen as safe spaces for people who are hurting to recover and heal – not places that invite violence or aggression to either staff or patients. However, violence against nurses and other healthcare professionals is on the rise according to recent studies. CampusSafety reports that in a recent poll conducted by the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, 68% of nurses interviewed said they had experienced at least one incident of violence in the past year. Another 20% say they have experienced nine or more incidents.Using an RTLS system can help create a more comfortable environment for staff members and strengthen security for all who utilize your facility. ZulaFly’s Fuzion allows staff members to discreetly alert others of dangerous situations or potential emergencies with the simple push of a button.But staff members aren’t the only ones who can benefit from RTLS technology. Allowing your patients to relax is made easy with Fuzion, as you can give them the option to call for help at any time just by pressing a button on their tag, alerting your staff no matter their location in the facility.Keeping a watchful eye on staff and visitors can also help limit the potential of theft. Reports and records of unbiased, real-time data that help detect who was in what locations at what times can help in case any personal belongings happen to go missing.

While implementing locating and real-time location services may seem like complex and time-consuming tasks, they do not have to be when you use ZulaFly. Fuzion’s easy-to-use interface makes it easier than ever before to control your facility from all sorts of different aspects, making it a safer and more efficient place to work and visit. Schedule a demo with ZulaFly today to experience the difference!

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