Fuzion Top Five: How does RTLS help you light up the scoreboard in your organization?



Is your organization developing and evolving winning strategies that help you leave the playing field as a champion?

Do you understand your staff members in a way that you can put them in the best position to win?

Do you know the availability and utilization of your assets in a way that they can be the most productive between the lines of your business?

Do the captains of your team work with the best information and the most powerful analytics to put on an MVP performance each year?

Fuzion’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution allows you to utilize a mobile-friendly, versatile, non-industry specific solution to compile a killer playbook that keeps you one step ahead of the opposition.

Here are five ways Fuzion’s RTLS helps you light up the scoreboard.

  1. Kick away the days of not knowing the status of your business assets.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile platform was created to provide a complete view of what’s happening to RTLS-tagged equipment and assets. Fuzion allows you to ensure your next move is made with full understanding of how you are currently utilizing what you have.

Are there specific assets that frequently are all being used at the same time? Are some assets not being used enough, meaning that they could be repurposed to a different area? Is some equipment being used in places it shouldn’t be? How long has an asset been in a specific location? Does it need to be cleaned?

While knowing this location-based data is valuable, ZulaFly’s Fuzion mobile platform is built to help you gather additional contextual information about your assets so you can answer these questions efficiently.

  1. Catch out-of-range temperatures before it’s too late.  

In the healthcare and pharmaceutical realm, there are an abundance of instances where medications, assets, and supplies must be stored within a certain temperature range. In order to meet what can often be stringent compliance requirements, monitoring temperatures in fridges and freezers is essential. Fuzion’s RTLS-based temperature monitoring eliminates the necessity to manually log temperature readings, a process that can also fall victim to human error.

Fuzion also creates alerts that are received by the right people at the right time, wherever they are, anytime of day. This proactively prevents loss through spoilage, which can often extend into the thousands of dollars when temperatures have been out of range for a prolonged period of time.

  1. Run away with the best healthcare patient/resident experience.

When senior living and acute care organizations use RTLS to take a proactive approach to the patient and resident experience, people are taken care of efficiently and a strong reputation is built within the community.

ZulaFly’s Fuzion RTLS helps these organizations better understand and be proactive with wait times. They can also use this technology to understand bottlenecks in the flow of patients through a facility.

Knowing where assets are is another way RTLS makes a difference for healthcare providers. When staff members aren’t searching far and wide for equipment, they spend more time being attentive to those in their care. Additionally, RTLS can be utilized to ensure residents in a place like memory care units aren’t approaching areas they shouldn’t. Staff members receive an alert whenever this happens.

Speaking of staff members, they also can realize the benefits of RTLS by having the ability to discretely call for help whenever an emergency or urgent situation arises.

Finally, the temperature monitoring aspect, as mentioned earlier, allows staff members to know when temperature readings are out of range in areas like medication fridges or food freezers. With RTLS, spoilage is eliminated and problems can be fixed virtually in real-time.

  1. Tackle instances of theft as they happen.

Are there areas of your building where important assets are being stolen or perhaps accidentally moved out of one building and into another? Fuzion allows you to set up restricted areas, where specific tagged equipment should not be in your facility. If an asset(s) enters that area, staff or security can be alerted immediately, allowing time for the item to be recovered BEFORE it leaves the building. Instances such as this create a direct, instant link to Return on Investment for an RTLS system such as Fuzion.

ROI can also be realized through tagged assets not only in instances of theft, but also in the way assets are compared. For example, in a healthcare setting, a group of wheelchairs on Floor 1 can be compared to wheelchairs on Floor 2. How are these being utilized? Are there more wheelchairs available than what are actually needed on a specific floor? These comparisons help you understand whether assets need to purchased or whether they can simply repurposed from one area to the next.

  1. Score a winning strategy based on customized reports.

When you are able to receive and analyze the specific data you need, receiving it when you want it and how you want it, wise, proactive strategy can be developed.

Fuzion allows users to receive real-time data through custom dashboards, allowing each person to tailor the information received to what’s most relevant to their workflow.

Additionally, Fuzion’s deluxe reporting mechanisms create opportunity for organizations to look at selected pieces of location-based data and use that to their advantage. As Fuzion gathers data and delivers it to those who need it most, people dependent upon this technology can craft future decision-making that maximizes results and boosts the bottom line.

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